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Functional Movement: There is NO BETTER METHOD for Achieving Results.

Whether you’re an active Mom, a weekend warrior, a competitive athlete or a desk jockey… We have systematic, progressive Fitness & Performance programs based on science that Deliver You Measurable Results.

We base our program design on the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) developed by Gray Cook. The FMS is becoming the standard in both professional

and amateur competitive sports. We use the FMS to identify your weaknesses to develop a personalized blue print to accelerate your performance and results.


Performance Training

The future gym is not going to have many machines and training programs will not be based on individual body parts. Performance training is based on quality of movement versus quantity of reps or weight.

Because life and sport have unpredictable and constantly changing demands, we base our training on improving your athleticism. As a by product of becoming a better athlete, you will move better while having the body you want and need.


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