Olympic Lift Technique Training: The Snatch

Olympic Snatch Workout

As some of you may already know, Mitch and I went to the USA Weightlifting coaching certification this past weekend. We received some expert coaching from Glenn Pendlay, who’s coached numerous national champions, along with some of his athletes who are Olympic hopefuls. These athletes were incredible; they displayed tons of power, incredible mobility and stability. One of the things that the Olympic style lifting teaches is generating hip power (which is the foundation for creating force in any sport). It promotes mobility because it’s just not possible to perform the lifts properly without a sufficient amount of mobility. Your stability is challenged throughout the lifts because you have to catch the weight over head or catch it on your shoulders, without falling down…

After taking Monday off of training to let the body recover, I felt pretty good on Tuesday and was pumped up to start working on improving my technique on some of the lifts. The lift we focused on Tuesday was the Snatch. We will be using a relatively light weight for a month or so until the form becomes efficient and repeatable. Here’s the workout we did and we also uploaded a video clip of a set of snatches we did to show an example of what they look like. You’ll see in the video that to perform this move proficiently, you’ll need a combo of power, mobility, and stability.

The entire workout is listed below:

Foam Roll
• Calves, inner thighs, lats, hips

• Shoulder Capsule stretches with stick
• Lat stretch (30 seconds each side)
• Rib cage stretches (10 reps each side)
• Deep Squat stance rocking side to side (45 seconds)
• Wrist Stretch (45 seconds)

Movement Prep (1 round)
• Jump Rope (2 min)
• Overhead Squats w/stick (12 reps)
• Lateral Lunges in place (12 reps each side)
• Wall Slides (12 Reps)

Snatch Technique Training (9 Rounds @ 75 pounds)(rest as much as needed)
1. 5 reps from Hip Position
2. 5 reps from hip position
3. 5 reps from mid thigh position
4. 5 reps from mid thigh position
5. 5 reps from mid thigh position
6. 4 reps from below knee position
7. 4 reps from below knee position
8. 4 reps from below knee position
9. 3 reps from below knee position

• 10 minutes of stretching

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